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Do I Need a Reckless Driving Attorney?

Every time I am in court, I see people appear for a reckless driving charge and get burned because they did not have an attorney. Here are 10 reasons to get a free consultation from one of our reckless driving attorneys.

  1. A Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney May Protect You From Serious Penalties
    • Reckless driving penalties can include up to 12 months in jail.
    • A reckless driving conviction will stay on your criminal record forever.
    • Your license can be suspended for reckless driving.
    • Reckless driving comes with 6 DMV demerit points.
  2. Virginia Reckless Driving Attorneys Pay for Themselves

    Your reckless driving attorney can often save you a lot more money than he/she costs, by protecting your auto insurance and minimizing fines. A single Reckless Driving Conviction can have the following costs:

    • Major auto insurance premium increase for the next 3 to 5 years
    • $2,500 max fine ($5,000 in Highway Safety Corridors)
    • $81 court costs
    • $145 license reinstatement fee
    • $220 restricted license fee
  3. A Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney May Be Able to Waive Your Appearance in Court

    Your reckless driving attorney can make a special request for a judge to allow your attorney to appear in court without you being present. This is fairly common for reckless driving by speed cases where there is a low risk of jail. Consult one of our Virginia reckless driving attorneys today to see if you might be able to avoid coming to court.

  4. Defendants with Virginia Reckless Driving Attorneys are Given Preferential Treatment

    Some traffic courts in Virginia do not allow unrepresented defendants to negotiate a plea. Not having an opportunity to negotiate a plea is a major disadvantage.

    Besides negotiation opportunities, almost every jurisdiction gives represented defendants scheduling preference on the day of trial. This means that the judge calls your case only when your attorney is ready instead of whenever your file appears on the judge's desk.

  5. Traffic Court Can Be Extremely Chaotic Without a Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney

    Traffic courts in Virginia can be extremely chaotic. On a busy day in the Fairfax County traffic court, each judge has an average of 60-84 seconds to complete each traffic case.

    Things move fast in court. Judges, bailiffs, and prosecutors are often too busy doing their jobs to stop and help unrepresented defendants. Judges use legal slang in court, and few people know what is going on if they do not have an attorney. Defendants who do not have a Virginia reckless driving attorney are often convicted before they even realize that their trial is over.

  6. The Learning Curve Is Brutal Without a Reckless Driving Attorney

    By the time an unrepresented driver stands up before the judge, that driver has already lost many of the opportunities that could have made a difference in his case. Many times, the unrepresented driver spends hours preparing for his defense, only to be informed that his evidence is not in the right format or that he did not fill out the proper paperwork. The learning curve is brutal without a Virginia reckless driving attorney.

  7. Without a Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney You Never Know What Kind of Case You Have

    Some people do not get an attorney because they think there is nothing an attorney can do for them. Do not be fooled. Reckless driving cases can be extremely complicated and difficult to prosecute. There is no reason not to get at least a free consultation from a reckless driving attorney.

  8. Do Not Enter the Red-Tape Jungle Without A Reckless Driving Attorney

    How do I get a Virginia restricted driver's license? Where do I pay the court costs and fines? How do I arrange a payment plan for my court costs and fines? How do I get my license back? What happens if I am are sick and miss my court date? What do I do if I get a traffic ticket while on probation? How do I change my court date?

    I could list a hundred questions people ask when they enter Virginia's judicial system. The sheer amount of paperwork and bureaucracy involved in a simple reckless driving case is staggering. Do not enter the red-tape jungle without a guide. You may never be seen again.

  9. A Virginia Reckless Driving Attorney Helps You Live Your Life

    Your reckless driving attorney may be able to have the court waive your appearance in court. This means that your attorney can appear in court without you needing to be present.

    Hiring a good Virginia reckless driving attorney not only makes good financial and strategic sense, but it is an enormous relief during a very stressful time. It can be invaluable to know that someone you trust is taking care of your case while you take care of the rest of your life.

  10. Bad News about Public Defenders and Court Appointed Attorneys
    • Jail Time: Only people facing jail time get public defenders. If you are offered a chance to get a public defender it means the judge thinks you are in serious danger of going to jail.
    • Extreme Poverty: To qualify for a public defender you must be extremely poor.
    • Not Free: Public defenders and court appointed attorneys are not free if you are found guilty of any offense (even a minor traffic ticket). You will be required to pay back the government if you are found guilty.

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