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Reinstating Your Virginia Driver's License

Get Your DMV Record and Your DMV Compliance Summary

The easiest way to determine why your Virginia Driver's license was suspended in Virginia is to go to the Virginia DMV and get a copy of:

  • your Virginia DMV record, and
  • your Virginia DMV Compliance Summary.

These two records will tell you and your attorney almost everything you need to know about why, when and how your license was suspended or revoked and what you need to do to get it back.

Will My Case Be Dismissed If I Get My License Back Before Trial?

Getting your license back is not a defense to any license offense. Some judges may choose to dismiss your charges or lessen your punishment if you resolve your license issues before trial, but that it not always true. Talk to a local traffic attorney to find out the typical outcome for a person in your situation.

If you have a less than perfect driving record, are on probation, have excessive DMV demerit points, or cannot afford to have a conviction on your criminal record, then getting your license back before trial may not help much without an attorney's help.

How Can I Get My Virginia Driver's License Back?

If the Virginia DMV suspended or revoked your license and you want to know what you need to do to get your license back, go to the Virginia DMV and request a copy of your DMV Compliance Summary. The Compliance Summary is a checklist of things you need to do in order to get your license back. You can get a copy at any DMV location and they are usually free. It is recommended that you also get a copy of your Virginia DMV record (it usually costs $8) while you are there.

What if I Have Multiple Driver's License Suspensions?

Drivers must satisfy all restrictions on their license before they can get their license reinstated. For example, if you are convicted of DUI and the court suspends your license for one year, and then suspends your license again for failure to pay the fine, and the DMV suspends your license for 90 days for excessive demerit points, then you must pay all of fines and court costs, wait the 90 days and the one year, and then pay the reinstatement fee before you can get your license back. You must resolve all suspensions and then pay the reinstatement fee before getting your license back.

Can I Get an Out-of-State License If I Move After Virginia Suspends My License?

If you move out of state, it is up to your new state to determine whether or not to issue you a license or suspend your license. Typically, most states will not issue a license to a new resident until all license suspensions from the previous state have been resolved.

How Can I Update My Virginia License Information or Address?

If you change your address, Virginia law states that you must update your Virginia driver's license within 30 days. To do that, you need to fill out and submit an Address Change Request Form to the Virginia DMV. This can be done in person at a DMV location, by phone or online. Besides being the law, it is a good idea to update your address because all legal notifications and other important information will be sent to the address on your driver's license.

License Reinstatement Fees

If your license is ever suspended by the court or the DMV, you must pay a license reinstatement fee after complying with all licensing requirements in order to get your license back. The license reinstatement fee is approximately $145 to $175 (this amount is subject to change without notification).

Can Virginia Suspended My License if I Am From Out-of-State?

Virginia cannot suspend or revoke an out-of-state license. However, Virginia can suspend or revoke an out-of-state driver's right to drive in Virginia. If an out-of-state driver has his driving privileges revoked in Virginia, that driver must go through the Virginia DMV to reinstate those privileges. Driving in Virginia after being suspended is a crime for out-of-state license holders as well as Virginia license holders.