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Virginia Traffic Tickets

Red Light Ticket

If you received a traffic ticket for running a red light in Virginia you are looking at a 4 point offense that will remain on your record for 3 years. It is a maximum fine of $250.

Red Light Ticket Defenses

Red light tickets require that the officer be able to clearly observe the traffic signal from their position and that the officer check the traffic signal to see that it was working correctly. In Virginia there has been several attempts by the legislators to make running a red light a criminal offense (reckless driving) instead of a traffic ticket.

Stop Sign Ticket

There are a lot of different traffic tickets you can receive for driving through a stop sign. Most stop sign traffic tickets are 3 point violations with a maximum fine of $250. Because there are so many different stop sign traffic tickets, it is important to get a copy of your traffic ticket and see what code section the officer wrote on your ticket.

Virginia Stop Sign Ticket Defenses:

  • Sign was fallen or covered
  • Sign was not posted by the proper authority (For example: private parking lot stop sign)
  • Being the second car in line – stopping behind another car at a stop sign can be a defense to some stop sign traffic tickets.

HOV Ticket

HOV traffic ticket convictions come with mandatory fines and points. If you are found guilty the judge must punish you are follows:

  • Your 1st HOV ticket in 5 years comes with a fine of $125 and 0 points;
  • Your 2nd HOV ticket in 5 years comes with a fine of $250 and 3 points;
  • Your 3rd HOV ticket in 5 years comes with a fine of $500 and 3 points; and
  • Your 4th HOV ticket in 5 years comes with a fine of $1,000 and 3 points.

HOV Ticket Defenses

  • Is the HOV lane marked according to the legal requirements
  • How can the officer prove he got the right time (was his clock checked for accuracy?)
  • Did the officer clearly see all the seats prior to pulling you over (This is a big deal with tinted back windows).

Failure to Obey a Highway Sign

Failure to Obey a Highway Sign is a very common traffic ticket because it can be used anytime a person disobeys a traffic law posted on a highway sign. Speeding, illegal U-turn, stopping on the side of the road, not stopping at a stop sign, or using an emergency vehicle pull out are all examples of offenses that could be written as failure to obey a highway sign.

This ticket comes with a maximum fine of $250 and 3 points.

Failure to Obey a Highway Sign Defense:

  • Was the sign posted by the VDOT?
  • Was the sign properly posted?

Following Too Closely

Typically, this ticket is given after a rear-end collision though an accident is not necessary for an officer to write a traffic ticket for following too closely. In Virginia, this traffic ticket can cause a driver to lose their VA CDL and comes with 4 demerit points and a max fine of $250. If this ticket results in an accident, being found guilty can also expose you to a law suit and/or affect your auto insurance.

Following Too Closely Ticket Defenses

  • The other driver cut in front
  • Medical emergency caused accident
  • Accident was caused by an unforeseen road or mechanical condition
  • Distance between cars was sufficiently safe.