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10 Best Website Sources for Virginia Traffic Law Information

If you receive a traffic ticket in Virginia there are massive amounts of online information and tools. This is a list of the ten best websites for anyone who has recieved a traffic ticket or traffic charge in Virginia.

1). Find your Virginia Traffic Case Online (General District Court).

Go here to find your case traffic case online. You can find the statute you are charged with, your court date and time, you can pay fines online your courtroom, find your officer’s name, and find out the outcome of your case. Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court Cases are not public information and cannot be found on this website.

2). Find your Virginia Circuit Court Case information Online

Go to the Virginia Supreme Court website and look under Circuit Court Cases status to find out the most important details about your traffic court appeal or felony court case. You can find out exactly what you are charged with, your court date and time, your courtroom number, find your officer’s name, see motions and continuances, and find out the outcome of your case. Not all counties’ courts publish their information online.

3). Pay your Fines online

Go to the GDC court case information and find your case and then click “Make Payment” and follow the instructions.

4). Learn about Virginia’s Traffic Court System

This website contains information about Virginia Uniform Summons, appeals, motions to reconsider, the DMV point system, and basic information about various traffic offenses in Virginia.

5). Learning about Virginia Speeding Tickets and Speeding Laws

Learn about speed measuring devices such as Radar, Lidar, and Pacing, Virginia speeding laws, Virginia speeding ticket consequences, Insurance information, driver improvement classes, speedometer calibrations, appeals, motion, defenses, ect.

6). Learn about Virginia Reckless Driving Law and Defenses

This website contains information about the 14 types of reckless driving in Virginia, reckless driving laws and defenses, speed measuring devices such as: radar, lidar, and pacing, consequences and punishment of reckless driving, finding local reckless driving attorneys and just about everything you could ever want to know about reckless driving.

7). Learn about Virginia License Laws and Driving on a Suspended License or a Revoked License.

This website is the authority on the many different types of license laws and suspensions. Learn how and when the court and the DMV may take away your license, how to get your license back, defenses to various licensing charges, the punishments and consequences of the various licensing laws, and everything else you could possibly want to know.

8). Learn about Virginia DUI/DWI Law and Refusal

This is one of the most in-depth websites that deals only with Virginia DUI/DWI and Refusal Law. Learn about the judicial process, DUI law, punishments, consequences, defenses, how to find a good DUI attorney, and about the appeal and motions processes.

9). Find a Virginia Driver Improvement Course

Before anyone ever takes a driver improvement course in Virginia they should read this webpage.

10). How does the Virginia DMV point System Work?

Go to the DMV’s website to learn how the Virginia Demerit point system works and what points are assigned to what offenses.

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Luke Nichols practices almost exclusively traffic law in Northern Virginia. His primary practice areas include reckless driving, speeding, DUI/DWI, refusal, hit-and-run, driving on a suspended license, and driving on a revoked license. Mr. Nichols has represented hundreds of Virginia drivers. You can also connect with Luke on Google+
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