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These posts are all about Virginia Reckless Driving laws, defenses, and consequence. If you have received a reckless driving ticket and you want more information than this is you first stop.

I was sitting in Fairfax County traffic court today waiting to resolve a motion and I watched three drivers in a row get hammered for reckless driving because they did not have an attorney. One driver was an older woman … Continue reading

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Most reckless driving statutes in Virginia only apply on public roads. 46.2-852 (Reckless Driving general), 46.2-862 (Reckless Driving by speed), and 46.2-853 (Reckless Driving for failure to maintained proper control) all require that the driver commit the reckless act on … Continue reading

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Reckless Driving Accident Cases An accident is not enough to prove reckless driving in Virginia. However, when there is a serious (or sometimes even a minor) accident the police are quick to write reckless driving tickets in Virginia. However, proving … Continue reading

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Tips on Hiring a Virginia Traffic Attorney Have Your Driving Record Ready to Give Your Attorney. Your DMV record is often the most important factor in determining the likely punishment in most traffic cases. If you want a traffic attorney … Continue reading

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