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Tips on Hiring a Virginia Traffic Attorney

Tips on Hiring a Virginia Traffic Attorney

Have Your Driving Record Ready to Give Your Attorney.

Your DMV record is often the most important factor in determining the likely punishment in most traffic cases. If you want a traffic attorney to tell you what the likely outcome of your cases is that attorney will most likely need to see your traffic record. Go online or go to the DMV and have a copy of your DMV record handy to show your attorney.

If you are a Virginia driver go here to get a copy of your DMV record:

If you want a copy of your Maryland MVA record go here:

Write Down Everything You can Remember About the Incident Before Talking to A Traffic Attorney

While you r memory is fresh write down everything you can remember about the incident. Where did it happen, which directions where you traveling, what was traffic like, what did the officer or other witnesses say to you, what did you say to them. Once you have a good record of the incident have it ready to send to your attorney prior to the free consultation. After interviewing thousands of drivers I have learned that your initial consultation will be much more productive and thorough if the driver sends us a write up before the consultation.

Create a Brief Biography about Yourself and Send it to the Traffic Attorney with the incident Summary.

In many traffic cases, your attorney will achieve their goals by convincing the prosecution that the driver is a good driver, and good person and that they deserve a brake. The more the traffic attorney knows about you the more effective their negotiations will be. Knowing more about you will also help your traffic attorney give you better advice. For example: a person who drives for a living or who has high insurance potential will need different advice than someone who does not.

In your bio, should include:

1)      What do you do for a living? (make it interesting, not just a resume)

2)      Do you drive for a living? (security clearance?)

3)      Who depends on you and your ability to drive? (children or elderly parents?)

4)      What humanitarian activities or service activities are you involved in?

5)      In school? What are you studying, where, what are your grades?

6)      Hobbies, interest, quirks (sometimes being interesting is better than being a saint)

Have your Summons Handy When Your Call A Traffic Attorney

The very first questions we ask a new client can be answered with the information found on your summons. For more information on how to read your summons click here.

If you lost your ticket, or you don’t have it handy, don’t let that worry you. A good traffic attorney can work around that.

What to Look for When Hiring A Traffic Attorney

1)      Do your traffic attorney have favorable online reviews (not just on their own website)

2)      Does your traffic attorney handle mostly traffic tickets and traffic crimes or do they practice many different areas of law?

3)      Does the traffic attorney offer free appeals to the Circuit Court or will they charge you extra if your case does not go well?

4)      Have you had a meaningful in depth legal discussion of your case prior to hiring? (Use your consultation to get a feel for their knowledge of traffic law and for their “bedside manner”)

5)      Did your traffic attorney return your call promptly and give you their full attention. (keep in mind that they will be in traffic court almost every morning so afternoons are the best time to reach a traffic attorney).


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