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How Long Do I Have to Pay My Va Traffic Fines And Court Costs?

In Virginia the DMV will suspend your license if you do not pay 100% of your traffic court fines and court costs within 30 day. The law use to be 15 days but on July 1st 2012 VA Code Ann. § 19.2-354 has been amended so that we now have 30 days to pay traffic ticket fines and court costs without any special permission from the court.

However, remember that if the 30th day falls on the weekend or holiday and the clerk’s office is closed you are out of luck. Your traffic ticket fines and court costs must be paid off by the 30th day regardless of whether traffic court is open or not.  If you do not pay the traffic fines and court costs within 30 days the Virginia DMV will be notified and you will lose your driving privileges until the fines and court costs are paid in full plus an additional license reinstatement fee (about $145).

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