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What if the Officer Does Not Show up to Virginia Traffic Court?

What if the Officer Does Not Show up to Virginia Traffic Court?

Drivers are always asking me what will happen if the officer does not show up to their traffic court case. Or drivers want to get a continuance to see if the officer won’t show up to court. In Virginia (especially Northern Virginia) this happens rarely and when it does happen, the judges usually just reschedule the trial.

Virginia Cops Show Up to Court for the Same Reasons You Show Up to Work.

Each month each officer has one or two days to go to court to prosecute all of their traffic tickets. A busy state trooper can write 170 traffic tickets in a single month. If that officer did not show up to court and a judge threw out their cases, that would mean a month’s worth of work goes down the drain.

If an officer blows off a court date without calling anyone or for no good reason, that officer can get in a lot of trouble. The court’s liaison officers work hard to prevent this from happening.

If an Officer Does Not Show Up The Court Usually Reschedules

If an officer has an illness, family emergency, or just does not show up, many Virginia judges will continue the case to prevent a month’s worth of cases from going away.

Winning a Case Because The Officer Did Not Show Up Is Rare in Virginia

I do about three hundred traffic cases a year and we only win one or two a year because an officer did not show up. It’s pretty uncommon in most Virginia courts.

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